Travelling from Toronto to Orlando by Private Jet

Private Jet from Toronto to Orlando


If you and your team members are travelling from Toronto to Orlando, Florida on a regular basis, you may be frustrated with the options available from commercial airlines. Because Orlando is a tourist destination, flights tend to cater to that market, meaning that the timing doesn’t always make sense for the business traveler. In addition, a business class seat to Orlando can be very expensive.


Although managers sometimes think of chartering a private jet as being more costly than commercial travel, many CEOs are discovering the cost-effective advantages of private planes.


Efficiency and Convenience


When your team members travel by commercial airline, they often spend most of the day in transit, enduring security lineups, putting up with distractions in the cabin, waiting to retrieve luggage, and all the other issues associated with mass air travel. Each time this happens, productivity takes a hit. When you are preoccupied with getting from point A to point B, you can’t focus on the tasks at hand.


Here are some of the disadvantages of commercial airline travel:


  • Scheduling. In order to arrive in time for a meeting, you may have to leave a day early and spend money on a hotel. En route, you may have an unwanted layover while waiting for a connecting flight. You may finish your meetings early, or they may run overtime, meaning that you may have to stay an extra day, or miss a booked flight. With commercial airlines, you’re at the mercy of the set schedule. A private plane, on the other hand, can be scheduled to suit your needs. When the schedule needs to change, a private jet offers the ultimate in flexibility.
  • Inhospitable to work. Although business class has a better atmosphere than economy, working on a commercial flight can be difficult. There are constant distractions from fellow passengers and flight crew, along with limitations on space and facilities. A private jet offers Wi-Fi, telephone or SATCOM communications, plenty of elbow room, power outlets, worktables, and other amenities. In addition, private jets often feature reclining leather seats, a clean and private washroom, and everything you need to make your time in the air as efficient and productive as possible. If you need to discuss client matters, negotiate, or brainstorm, the privacy of a chartered jet cabin can be the perfect place. In fact, research shows that productivity on the company jet is approximately 20% higher than in the office!
  • Speed. Travelling by commercial plane is slow. You are required to check in two hours before departure time; security checks and loading the plane can seem interminable. Sometimes there are delays on the ground before the plane can take off due to luggage issues or runway traffic, and deplaning can also take an inordinate amount of time. Loading and deplaning a private jet is fast and efficient, and the flight may even spend less time in the air – private planes tend to fly higher and faster than airliners.


Flying from Pearson


There are a number of private companies that fly out of Toronto’s Pearson International, where VIP clients get many perks and benefits. Next time your organization needs to travel to Orlando, explore the possibility of chartering a private jet. Travel in comfort, and use company time to maximum efficiency.